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small & me

We are Kate and Natasha, and we are small & me. We met in school, and as we grew up, we followed different paths - Kate trained and worked as an industrial designer; Natasha worked as a magazine editor and moved to New York - but we always stayed friends! Now both back in Dublin, Kate is a teacher and a mum; Natasha is a jewellery designer (with lots of friends who are mums). We both love fashion and agree it shouldn't be a compromise when there is a baby close by - and so with a shared dream of bringing innovative products to fun, stylish parents, small & me was born.

Our chewable jewellery line is made from food-grade silicone (just like baking spatulas and re-usable cupcake cases), and is perfect for soothing during the teething process. For parents to wear while holding their baby, the necklace clasps pop open easily with a gentle tug, and every jewellery piece can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water - although it is all also dishwasher safe. Colourful and contemporary, the collection lends itself to multiple outfits and occasions (because we know being a mum doesn't stop when dressed for work): we love layering two necklaces at a time, or creating a bangle stack to add a bright (and practical) lift to everyday style.