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Baby friendly vegetable stock recipe

I am always trying to ensure that the meals I give my son are flavoursome and healthy. He is only eight months old so salt is out; as a result, regular stock cubes are a no-no. However, many recipes call for stock to be added - and finding baby-friendly stock cubes can be difficult. This evening I made simple vegetable stock; I use it as a base for lots of recipes that my son loves (many of which I will share over the coming weeks)! This is really simple and hardly needs a recipe, but hopefully this post will serve as a reminder that everybody can easily make it themselves.   We love seeing your recreations, please share them with us...

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A city break with a baby

We recently took our 8 month old on holiday with us to Paris, we all had a fabulous time.  Here are some tips for travelling with a baby to a large city. When you are at the planning stage - Think about the type of accommodation that would suit you and your family best.  We chose an apartment as it allowed us more flexibility.  In an apartment you can easily prepare baby's meals in the kitchen, you also have at least two rooms so nap times don't have to be silent for everybody.  One mistake we made was not booking an apartment with a lift!  Our son naps in his pram during the day so we had to carry the...

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Teething: A Testing Time

  Is your baby teething? With crying, agitation and sleepless nights, it's possible you know all about it - and whatever about your own sanity, your main aim is to help a baby suffering from an alien kind of pain. Every baby is of course different but in general, the teething process can start at about five months and last until the child is two and a half years old. The HSE has a handy guide to the teething timeline, but in general, the bottom two teeth nearly always appear first, followed by the top two, then the rest spread around the mouth. And if you can't see any teeth just yet? The process takes some time - so the pain...

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small & me

  small & me is about bringing innovative products to fun, stylish parents. Our newest find is a chewable jewellery line, made from food-grade silicone (similar to soothers), and is perfect for providing comfort during the teething process. The pieces are free of BPAs, pthalates and other toxic metals. For parents to wear while holding their baby, the necklace clasps pop open easily with a gentle tug, and every jewellery piece can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water - although it is all also dishwasher safe. Colourful and contemporary, the collection lends itself to multiple outfits and occasions (because we know being a mum doesn't stop when dressed for work)! Discover our spring-summer styles here.

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