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Mum-to-be? Read this Book!

  Some time ago, we recommended the books we found helpful ourselves as new mums. In a bid to narrow down this list, we read a lot - and found lots of books that just ignored the fact their readers are competent, educated women - and reading some of the content just felt like sitting in front of a stern teacher who refused to believe we had any sort of mind of our own - never mind access to great friends, family and medical care for independent advice. Throw in a load of cringe-worthy stock photography and it has made for a pile of paper used more as a coaster for our tea than anything else! And while our original list still rings...

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Baby Nutrition - from 0-6 months

We all require a variety of nutrients in various quantities at different stages of our lives - and babies are no different!  Proper nutrition promotes the optimal growth and development of babies; a deficiency can affect the development process, and may even have a negative impact on the child’s well-being in the future.  Babies grow so rapidly after birth: in the first 12 months they usually double their length and triple their weight! So it’s easy to see why proper nutrition is vital at this important stage. In this three-part series, nutritionist Leila Johari will share her thoughts on nutrition for growing babies - why it is so important, and what we can do to make sure our babies are getting all the nutrients...

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Visiting and Buying Gifts for a New Baby

Everybody loves a new baby and everybody wants to visit it!  Sometimes family and friends in their enthusiasm can forget how hard it can be with a new baby.  Here are some tips for what to bring and when to visit the freshly squeezed. What to bring Food! We loved when people brought healthy ready meals. Even better many friends brought meals they had cooked themselves and portioned off into freezable containers.  We had so many of these, we didn't cook for the first 6 weeks after our son arrived. If you would like to bring a present for the new arrival ask in advance what the new parents would like/need.  We had lots of new baby outfits so when...

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Baby friendly vegetable stock recipe

I am always trying to ensure that the meals I give my son are flavoursome and healthy. He is only eight months old so salt is out; as a result, regular stock cubes are a no-no. However, many recipes call for stock to be added - and finding baby-friendly stock cubes can be difficult. This evening I made simple vegetable stock; I use it as a base for lots of recipes that my son loves (many of which I will share over the coming weeks)! This is really simple and hardly needs a recipe, but hopefully this post will serve as a reminder that everybody can easily make it themselves.   We love seeing your recreations, please share them with us...

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A city break with a baby

We recently took our 8 month old on holiday with us to Paris, we all had a fabulous time.  Here are some tips for travelling with a baby to a large city. When you are at the planning stage - Think about the type of accommodation that would suit you and your family best.  We chose an apartment as it allowed us more flexibility.  In an apartment you can easily prepare baby's meals in the kitchen, you also have at least two rooms so nap times don't have to be silent for everybody.  One mistake we made was not booking an apartment with a lift!  Our son naps in his pram during the day so we had to carry the...

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