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Kate from the small & me team is expecting her second baby (20 weeks and counting!). Kate is going to keep us updated on her progress over the next couple of months, sharing tips and experiences.  

I thought we would start off with some products I loved using when our first little one arrived (we are currently stocking up this shopping list for our second arrival)

Weleda Nappy Cream with Calendula

The best nappy cream on the market!  Not only does this work wonders on any type of nappy rash it smells absolutely delicious.  The smell alone used to brighten up every nappy change and make them seem like less of a chore.



The first few weeks after a baby arrives can be very tough on your body.  You barely have enough time to eat and when you do it is normally what you can grab and not something particularly nutritious.  Taking some sort of supplement allowed me to worry less about how I was looking after myself.  When you get used to life with your new addition you can spend more time planning and cooking healthy meals. 


Digital Forehead Thermometer

We found this invaluable in the first few months, they are much more expensive then standard ones but in my opinion it it well worth the investment.  When you have a tiny baby who is distressed or unwell it is great to be able to easily and quickly get an accurate temperature reading.



I used this throughout my pregnancy and after my son was born for the first 4 months.  It worked wonders on my skin and I am stretch mark free.  It is quite pricey but if you shop around they often have it on sale.


My next blog post will be about recommended products for breastfeeding mums.





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