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Press - Go Behind the Scenes!


Since launching, we have been so lucky with the support that the press have shown us. From The Irish Times (above) to and TV3, we have been getting great coverage from all branches of the media.

We're still a baby of a a company, and as the saying goes, it takes a village - so we'd love for you to meet the small & me family who have helped to make our beautiful shots happen.

Julie McCoy is our photographer; she specialises in family portraits - and with the patience of a saint and a quick finger on the shutter, is a pro at capturing that one golden moment amidst the madness of wriggling, curious children who want nothing more than to wander out of the shot! 

Louise Naughton is the illustrator behind our big bear and baby bear motif; we love how inspired she is by nature and couldn't help downloading her digitally illustrated version of the classic Hans Christian Andersen children's story, The Emperor and the Nightingale.

Last but not least, the stars of our show, Kate and Patrick - our models! 







Kate is 18 months old and loves jewellery - she delighted our team by showing us how we should be stacking our bangles!

Patrick is nine months old and loves being in front of the camera - whether that's being photographed or filmed; follow his antics on our Instagram!


Speaking of social, keep up to date on all our news by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - we would love to see how you're wearing your small & me jewellery so remember to tag us in your posts!

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